Cloud-based Business Phone System

Unified Communications as a Service
Hosted VoIP allows you to implement a VoIP solution and embrace its benefits such as massive communication costs among others without any investment on your existing infrastructure. With just an internet connection and IP phones, you can instantly acquire Hosted VoIP services and enjoy the service benefits equivalent to an own-premise installation.

SGC Unified Communications as a Service Overview

Standard Global Communications Cloud PBX was designed for all industry sectors. It delivers enterprise-grade communications features along with advanced Unified Communications capabilities, bringing a solid, reliable and affordable hosted business voice solution.

Benefits for Deploying SGC Hosted VoIP:

Cost Savings

Advanced Features

Future Expansion

Unified Communications

Geographical Flexibility

High Compatibility

Budget Friendly and Future Proof Business Phone System

With SGC Cloud PBX, all you need is a VoIP-enabled phone/softphone and you are ready to go. Your service provider performs all updates and maintenance to keep the system up to date.

Using Standard Global Communications solution, new users can be added at any time on a per-need basis. We charge you on a simple per-user basis so that you only pay for what you need and have a system that grows with you. GSC Hosted VoIP solution is budget friendly because you only invest for what you use.

Cloud PBX

SGC Hosted VoIP Solution All-inclusive PBX Features

• AutoCLIP
• Blacklist/Whitelist
• Custom Prompt
• Distinctive Ringtone
• Music on Hold
• One Touch Recording
• Paging/Intercom
• PIN List

• Auto Attendant (IVR)
• Call Back
• Call Detail Records (CDR)
• Call Forwarding
• Call Monitor
• Call Parking
• Call Permission
• Call Pickup
• Call Transfer

• Backup and Restore
• Event Center
• Linkus App
• Multi-language Web GUI
• Multi-level User Access
• Phone Provisioning
• Schedule Backup
• Troubleshooting
• And more

Geographical Flexibility for Multi-site Organizations of Teleworkers

With SGC Cloud PBX, you are able to unify your headquarter with remote offices and a handful of teleworkers within a single PBX system, giving geographically dispersed employees the same features and continuity as in-house users.

Compatibility with Worldwide SIP trunks and Mainstream IP Phones

Standard Global Communications Hosted VoIP solution is compatible with worldwide SIP trunks since it is standardised. Connectivity with PSTN, E1/T1/PRI, ISDN BRI, CDMA and GSM/3G/4G is also supported through our VoIP Gateways.

All the mainstream IP phones can easily be auto-provisioned in bulk.

Modern Hosted VoIP