SGC Video Conferencing Solution Overview


It is of paramount importance for the staff members in an organization to be able to hold conference meetings from any location around the Globe. Geographic locations should not limit the organization growth as well as the focus on mission-critical decisions.

SGC Video Conferencing solution acknowledges that due to the globalization effects, the world is now a single village and should not be negatively affected by geographic limitations. The capability for all stakeholders to be able to collaborate at any point in time boosts productivity and accelerates organization growth. This reduces operational costs and promotes efficiency across the organization environment.

SGC Video Conferencing

This technology makes it simple to use your own Apple iPad, or Android tablet to start and manage video calls.

Standard Global Communications voice and video conference solutions offer an excellent feel and user experience. They create and enhance a productive work environment that supports collaboration across the entire organization. This increases productivity, efficiency, innovation and stakeholder engagement.

SGC understands that for an organization to maintain agility and sustainable market competitiveness, management needs to be empowered to make informed decisions all the time.

Today’s increasingly competitive global workplace requires teams to be able to make decisions across distances and without barriers. To compete and become more agile in a fast-moving world, organizations need to create productive work environments that support socialization and collaboration as these interactions spark innovation, engagement and higher productivity.

Future-Proof Collaboration Tools

Next-generation collaboration tools ensure that everyone is involved in all aspects of the conversation, with interactive content on any device.

SGC Video Conferencing solution possesses standards-based interoperability and deep integration with the following amongst others:

  1. Skype for Business
  2. Microsoft Lync


This helps to ensure an outstanding user experience.