Advert On Hold

“Convert your caller’s idle holding time into effective advert slots”

Standard Global Communications offers “Advert-on-Hold” as one of the most effective ways of advertising your business (products and services) whilst your caller is on hold. Why not utilize this novel way of advertising on the telephone while a caller is on hold.

Pioneered and branded in Zimbabwe by SGC in 1999. Advert-on-Hold replaces the generic music that comes with a PABX. This is done in magnificent creativity and an audio production that consists of information about an organization’s products and services, coupled with inspiring background music is inserted. This production is then downloaded onto a special playback device, which is the advert-on-hold hardware.

The SGC Advert-On-Hold Hardware is a microprocessor based, compact, versatile stand-alone device. It can be connected to the external music port of any PBX and allows for the playback of the customized message or music to a caller on hold. It allows the convenience of recording and playing music of your choice, or even a brief introduction of your company and products on offer, among other things.

Standard Global Communications has produced and deployed over 2000 Advert-On-Hold recordings nationwide. Over 70% of the companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange utilize our Advert-On-Hold solution.


Benefits of Advert-on-Hold

  1. Higher Efficiency  It converts caller idle holding time into your advert slots.
  2. Enhances your corporate image  Advert-on-Hold adds dignified, professional flair to your communications system.
  3. Informs & Entertains Callers on hold can be informed and entertained.
  4. Effective advertising concept  You are guaranteed an audience, since most callers are almost always put on hold in any organization, no matter how briefly.
  5. “Less” time spent on hold  An entertained caller perceives a shorter hold time.
  6. Direct Communication Tool  Callers are willing to listen to Advert-on-Hold, since by virtue of them calling you they are already willing to do business to you.
  7. User Friendliness  There is no need for constant operation of the system since, it uses an automatic microprocessor playback device.
  8. Flexibility  Advert-on-Hold messages can easily be changed and customized to suit different seasons of the year, promotions or special events.
  9. Costeffective  Advert-on-Hold is one of the most cost-effective ways of disseminating timely information. 



  1. 70% of all callers are put on hold.
  2. 60% of all callers prefer Advert-on-Hold rather than total silence or generic music.
  3. You can use Advert-on-Hold to introduce & promote special products & services.



We are able to implement Advert-on-Hold from conceptualization to the installation. The implementation process entails:

  1. Creative scripting
  2. Professional voicing
  3. Studio production
  4. Supply of Advert-on-Hold hardware
  5. Installation onto your telephone system
  6. Full back-up service


Creative Scripting

Creative Scripting sets the tone for the Advert-on-Hold production, thereby making it the most essential stage of the Advert-on-Hold implementation process. Standard Global Communications works with a team of talented, experienced and inspired copywriters who create insightful scripts about our client’s business. A necessary pre-requisite of the copywriting process is the fact that clients have to complete a questionnaire detailing their business operations. Additional material like brochures, websites address should also accompany the questionnaire. We will ensure that the Advert-on-Hold scripts are informative, enlightening and enhance your business image.


Professional Voicing

Standard Global Communications helps clients choose a voice, from a huge Voice Bank of professional voice-over presenters, to suite the client’s target market. Our voice bank has male, female as well as African and European trained voice-over presenters.

Background Music

Standard Global Communications has a comprehensive Music Library with a wide selection of background music types, from which clients can select a track that best complements their message. Genres to choose from include: Jazz, Classical, Contemporary and Traditional music to suit the penchant of even the most perceptive caller. Whatever your target market, we have the music type to suit them.


Studio Production

Standard Global Communications has a hip and fresh studio in-house where we create all our Advert-on-Hold productions. Manned by polished and qualified engineers and producers, you’re guaranteed a quality production. We now have the capacity to do various audio productions including radio spots, commercials and jingles.


Supply of Advert-on-Hold Equipment

The Advert-on-Hold production is downloaded onto a microprocessor-based playback device with the following features:

  1. Can play messages non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  2. Has a life span of 15 years (Equipment is backed by a 3-year warranty).
  3. Compatible with 99% of PABXs in Zimbabwe.
  4. Has a recording capacity of up to 4 minutes.
  5. Recorded messages are selected randomly; this means the caller will not necessary hear the same message each time they call.
  6. Advert-on-Hold uses non-volatile memory chips, meaning that if there are power cuts it maintains its settings and starts playing again once the power is back.


Installation of Advert-on-Hold

Installation of the Advert-on-Hold is normally done in conjunction with the client’s PABX supplier. The PABX will be programmed to accept an external music source and thereafter the Advert-on-Hold hardware is connected onto your PABX system. Volume levels will be tuned to pleasant listening levels.