Does SGC PBX have per user cost?

Yes. When coupled with our Least Cost Routing feature, the SGC PBX can do per user costing and also do savings of over 50% for your organization communication costs.

Apart from PRI and PSTN Lines which other lines does SGC PBX Support?

SGC PBX supports GSM, CDMA, VoIP, SIP lines apart from regular PSTN and PRI lines. Nowadays, in the market there is new trend of SIP trunks (currently provided by Liquid, Powertel and Africom), which is also supported on SGC PBX.

Is SGC PBX solution on-premise or Cloud PBX?

SGC PBX can be used as both. It can also be used as a virtual PBX using voice over IP technology.

Does SGC PBX support IP Phones and softphones?

Yes, SGC PBX supports all kinds of IP Phones and Softphones. Industry standard is SIP technology and SGC PBX supports SIP.

Can SGC PBX integrate with my ERP Software?

Yes of course, we provide secured, easy and efficient API, along with proper detailed documentation. We also assist with the training requirements necessary for integration with your ERP or any other application on any platform.

Can I integrate my existing PBX with SGC PBX?

Almost yes in all the cases, unless your PBX is really old. Generally any PBX will be compatible with SGC PBX.