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Prompt and efficient service is the key area of any hospitality business. It is the quality of service which builds the reputation of hotels and creates a loyal customer base. Amongst various services offered, communication is of prime importance and is the life-line of the entire hospitality industry. An effective communication system reflects the professional competence of a hotel.

SGC present a range of Hospitality IP-PBX that don’t just play the role of a communication system, but also actively contribute in the routine functioning of the Hotel thereby increase the productivity of its staff.

Utilitarian features like Web-based Front Desk Management, Universal Connectivity, third party PMS and CAS protocol support make our Hospitality Solution a must for all professional and customer-focused hotels.

 Solution for Small Hotels/Motels up to 40 Rooms
40 Rooms
Matrix ETERNITY PE range of Hotel IP-PBXs offer Hospitality Solution for Hotels/Motels up to 40 Rooms.

This Hotel communication Solution is developed to offer everything that a small hotel would require to run its day-to-day activities.

A Unique web-based tool, Front Desk Wizard automates the hotel operations and allows the Front Desk executive to manage and monitor day-to-day activities from his or her desk.

Room management features include Check-in and Check-out, Room types, Occupancy status, Mini Bar, Room clean status, Suite services. Guest management features such as Guest-in and Guest-out, Guest name and number display, Guest Shift, Customer Profile, Floor service and House Keeping status offer smooth and efficient hotel management.

Alarms and Wake-up reminders, Emergency detection and reporting, Call budgeting, Call privilege, Call blocking, Least Cost Routing, SMDR buffer of 12000 calls and the Voice Mail System can not only streamline the hotel operations but also enhance guest experience.

Multi-language Auto-Attendant, Multi-party Audio and Video Conference, External Music Port for background music, and a Public Announcement Port (PAS) for making announcements via loud speaker are built-in to the system.

Our Hospitality Solution supports all new-generation networks such as VoIP, ISDN, GSM, 3G and POTs with In-skin Interface cards which can be inserted in any of the Universal Slots.

With a host of unmatched Hotel/Motel Features, SGC’s ETERNITY PE Hospitality solution helps to manage small but valuable Hotel assets.


Solution for Medium Hotels up to 200 Rooms
200 Rooms
The Matrix ETERNITY GE range of Hotel PBX presents an ideal Hospitality solution for growing, medium-sized hotels.

This is a complete hospitality solution which takes care of the existing and future requirements of growing hotels. There are a host of advanced features to handle operations in a systematic manner, offering professional and efficient guest services. Switching a guest into a profitable customer is a challenge that can be resolved using a Matrix Hospitality Solution.

It has features such as web-based Front Desk Wizard, Room management features like Check-in and Check-out, Room types, Occupancy status, Mini Bar, Room clean Status and Report generation and Suite services. Guest management features such as Guest-in and Guest-out, Guest name and number display, Guest Shift, Customer Profile, Floor service, House Keeping Status are also offered.

Third-Party PMS and CAS interface, Alarms and Wake-up reminders, Video Conferencing, Emergency detection and reporting, Call budgeting, Call privilege, Call blocking, Least Cost Routing, SMDR buffer of 12000 calls and Voice Mail System not only streamline the hotel operations but also enhance the guest experience.

Multi-language Auto-Attendant, Multi-party Audio and Video Conference, External Music Port for background music and Public Announcement Port (PAS) for making announcement through a loud speaker are built-in to the system.


Solution for Medium to Large Hotels up to 500 Rooms
500 Rooms
Our ETERNITY ME Hospitality PBX presents the ideal solution for Hotels and Hospitals with up to 500 rooms.

Deliver an incomparable Guest Experience with Best-of-breed Hospitality and Communication features by leveraging on existing communication resources.

Advanced hospitality features such as House Keeping Service extensions with floor/storey wise access codes, Suite services, Differentiated services and privileges for VIP guests, Mini Bar and Maid services are provided to enhance guest services.

With network extensions and trunk support, true mobility comes from Mobile Extensions which just line cabled extensions of the system. This in turn enhances staff productivity and ease of access to information, for better performance of guest-centric activities. Now staff can easily communicate and perform more efficiently and effectively from any corner of the Hotel.

SGC’s solution is packed with ready-to-integrate protocols for third party PMS interface like ‘Micros Fidelio’ and other PMS and CAS used worldwide to ensure easy integration of the Matrix Hospitality Solution with existing hotel infrastructure.

Auto-Attendant with multiple call handling, DID numbering for guest phones and Dial-by-Name give enhanced self-service experience, saving valuable operational time and presenting convenience to the guests.

Omni-present IP, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, T1/E1, GSM/3G, PSTN network support combined with powerful least-cost routing, ensures last-mile connectivity through the most cost-effective network. The ingenious routing algorithms deliver significant reduction in telephone bills. ETERNITY ME is very energy efficient with lower power consumption thereby saving valuable energy resources and a cut on huge electricity bills.

Key Benefits

Systematic and Transparent Hotel Operations

Call Budgeting

Call Cost Calculation

Selective deletion of Call Records

SMDR buffer of 12000 Calls

Floor Service Extensions

Check-in, Check-out

CLI display on SLT, DKP and IP Phones

Third Party PMS and CAS interface

Increased Staff’s Efficiency

Web-based Front Desk Wizard

Room Shift

Mini Bar

Emergency Call Detection and Reporting

Occupancy Status

Room Reservation Status

Mobile Extensions for Service Staff

Video Conferencing

Rich Guest Experience

Guest Name & Number Display

Guest-in, Guest-out

Suit services

Baby Listening

Multiple Alarms with Snooze

Alarm Status Report and Printing

Background Music


Voice Mail with Email Notification


Reduced Communication Cost

Universal Network Connectivity

VoIP, POTS, ISDN, GSM/3G, E&M and Magneto

Least Cost Routing

Time, Number, Service Provider to Service Provider, Carrier Pre-selection

Key Features

Alarm Multiple

Hotel Name

Alarm Snooze

House Keeping

Alarm Status Display and Printing

In-skin Voice Mail System

Alarms (Time, Daily, Future Date & Time, Remote)

In-skin Voice Mail System (Optional)

Background Music

In-skin VoIP Card

Call Budgeting

ISDN Interface (BRI/PRI)

Call Chaining

Least Cost Routing (Time, Number & Service Provider to Service Provider)


Mini Bar

CLI Display on SLT and DKP

Paging Port

CLI on FXO, ISDN, GSM and VoIP Trunks

Printer Port (ETERNITY ME)

DID with Voice Message

Remote programming from PC/Phone/Mobile

Do Not Disturb

Reprint of Call Detail Record

Emergency Call Detection and Reporting

Room Clean Status Report and Printing

Flexible Numbering (combination Up to 6 digits)

Room Shift

Front Desk Management

Security Dialer

Front Desk Wizard

Selective Deletion of Call Detail Record

Guest Groups

Serial Port for PMS and other Computer Applications

Guest Name Display

Single Digit Access of Service Extensions

Guest Number

SMDR Buffer of total 12,000 Calls

Guest Room Number Display on Service Extension

SMDR with built-in Flexible Call Cost Calculation


Suite Services

Hotel Installation Wizard

Voice Message for Tones

Voice Mail Features


Live Call Screening

Broadcast Message

Message Forward

Call Taping

Message Nodes

Call Transfer Types

Message Notification

Conversation Recording

Message Verification

Customised Mailbox Size

Message Wait Indication


Multiple Mailboxes on a Single Extension

Distribution Lists


Email Notification

Personalized Greetings

Flexible Graph

Redirecting Messages

General Mailbox

Remote Access

Individual Mailboxes

Transfer Node

Information Node

Voice Greetings

PMS Integrations

Matrix Hospitality PBX is successfully integrated with leading Property/Hotel Management systems:


Winsar Infosoft – WINHMS

Micros Opera

Acumen Software – HOTSOFT


Neesa Technologies


Power Brain – POWER HMS

eZee Technosys – eZee



 ‘EON’, the Digital Key Phone, is a versatile, feature-rich, easy to use station. It supports a host of additional features providing the user fast access to the functions of Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX at a single touch of a button. Matrix Digital Key Phone (DKP) is available in two variants - EON48P and EON48S. Both variants are available in two colors - Black and White. These key phones can be used with any variants of ETERNITY PE to GE to ME.
Digital Key Phones

Digital Key Phones


Full-Duplex Speaker Phone

2x24 and 6x24 LCD with Swivel, Backlit and Contrast Control

Message Wait Lamp

Ringer Lamp

16 Programmable Keys

17 Touch-Sense Keys for Features

More Direct Station Keys on Optional Attachment (DSS16x4)

Upright and Horizontal Angles for Desktop Mounting

Desk-Top and Wall Mounting

Call Log


Keyphone Features

Adjustable Ringer Volume and Speech Level
User has the option of adjusting the ringer volume level as desired. Both receive and transmit speech levels can also be adjusted by the user.
DSS Keys
EON48 series offers 16 DSS keys that can be programmed for each user, to access trunk line, SLT, DKP and even features, at a single touch of the key.
Executive and Operator Functionality
The EON provides user functionality of Operator or Executive by means of dedicated keys to perform specific tasks with the single touch of a button.
Last Dialed Calls
Last dialed 16 trunk calls can be stored.
Message Paging
Users can page different pre-defined messages, like Meet Me, Congratulations, Meeting Today, etc., to other DKP users. These messages can be programmed by the system engineer.
Missed Calls
Details of last 20 missed calls can be viewed on the LCD.
Tri Colour LEDs for Port Status
Status of other extensions (DKP and SLT) and trunk lines can be displayed on the Digital Key Phone. The status of the user’s extension as well as that of other extensions or trunks can be viewed through the LEDs.




PC based Digital Key Phone with two numbers of PC based DSS64
EONSOFT – PC based Digital Key Phone
EONSOFT – PC based Digital Key Phone

EONSOFT offers integration of your PC with the SGC PBX. This is a great utility for the tech-savvy people, with a computer on their desks, who don’t wish to keep a separate telephone handset.


EONSOFT Features

Automatic Sensing of PC Status

Keyboard Macros

Automatic Sensing of Software Status

Keyboard and Mouse Operation

Operator Mode (with 148 Keys)

Programmable Tool Tips on Mouse Over

Handset Connectivity

Shortcut Keys

Help Menu

Standard Windows User Interface

Integration with Microsoft Address Book



Matrix SETU VP is a range of feature-rich executive IP Phones. They provide intuitive operation for the call management functions. Their standard SIP based design makes them compatible with any SIP infrastructure like soft switches, IP PBXs, Registrar and Proxies. The SETU VoIP PHONES offer WAN and LAN ports with routing. This makes them ideal for stand-alone applications requiring a PC to work with VoIP PHONES. Full-duplex speaker phone, backlit LCD and capacity to handle calls simultaneously are a few of the keys strengths of these high-end VoIP PHONES. SETU VoIP PHONES are available in four variants, each with two color options: Black and White

  • SETU VP248PE with 6 Lines x 24 Characters LCD Display with PoE
  • SETU VP248SE with 2 Lines x 24 Characters LCD Display with PoE
  • SETU VP248P with 6 Lines x 24 Characters LCD Display without PoE
  • SETU VP248S with 2 Lines x 24 Characters LCD Display without PoE



Key Features:

3 SIP Accounts

2 Ethernet Ports

Programmable Keys

Anonymous and Selective Call Rejection

Auto Configuration

Auto Answer with Headset Interface



Peer-to-Peer Calling

Dialed, Received, Missed and Rejected Call Logs

G.711, G.722(wideband), G.723, G.726 and G.729AB

LAN and WAN Ports

Least Cost Routing

Message Wait Indication

Multiple Call Handling (4 Calls)

Phone Book with 100 Entries

Ringer, Speech and LCD Controls

Voice Mail Key

Web Configuration



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