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“Convert your caller’s idle holding time, into an effective marketing tool”

“Advert-on-Hold” is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business (products and services) whilst your caller is on hold, on the telephone. Why not utilize this novel way of advertising and entertainment, while a caller is on hold.

Pioneered and branded in Zimbabwe by SGC in 1999, Advert-on-Hold audio production replaces the telephone on-hold generic music, which is standard on every PABX. Our audio production is done creatively, consisting of information about an organization’s products and services, coupled with inspiring background music. This audio production is then downloaded onto a special playback device, Advert-on-Hold hardware, which in turn is connected to the customers PABX. 99% of all PABXs and of different brands are compatible with our Advert-on-Hold Hardware.

The SGC Advert-On-Hold Hardware is a microprocessor-based, compact and versatile stand-alone device. It is connected to the external music port of the PABX and plays back the customized Advert-on-Hold production for caller on-hold. The customer chooses the background music and the voice-over artist, which should be in line, with the image, the customer wants to project. The Advert-on-Hold Hardware can be programmed and erased, with new Advert-on-Hold productions, over 500 times.

At Standard Global Communications we have produced and installed over 2000 Advert-On-Hold productions. Over 70% of the companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange utilize our Advert-On-Hold solution.

Benefits of Advert-on-Hold


SGC implements Advert-on-Hold from conceptualization right down to installation. The implementation process entails:

Creative Scripting

Creative Scripting sets the tone for the Advert-on-Hold production, thereby making it the most essential stage of the Advert-on-Hold process. SGC works with a team of talented, experienced and inspired copywriters who create insightful scripts about our client’s business. Our copywriters will base the copy on a questionnaire we provide, brochures, websites etc. SGC ensures the Advert-on-Hold scripts are informative, enlightening and enhance your business image.

Professional Voicing

We help our clients choose voice-over artists, from our huge Voice Bank of professional voice-over presenters to suit the client’s target market. Our Voice Bank comprises of the most articulate English language, as well as local languages presenters.

Background Music

At SGC we have a comprehensive Music Library, with a wide selection of music genres, to suit any organisation. Genres to choose from include but are not limited to Jazz, Classical, Contemporary and Traditional music, to suit the most discerning listener. Whatever your target market, we have the music type to suit them.


Installation of the Advert-on-Hold is normally done in conjunction with the client’s PABX supplier. The PABX is then programmed to accept an external music source and thereafter the Advert-on-Hold hardware is connected to the PABX system. Volume levels are adjusted to pleasant listening levels.

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