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Modern organisations, Small Home Office (SOHO), Medium and Large Enterprises, have different telecom needs, different budgets and different way of operating. Gone are the days of one size fits all telecom solutions. At SGC, we offer a wide range of IP-PBXs to meet the diverse and specific needs of SOHO, Medium and Large Enterprises. These products have evolved out of an in-depth understanding, of the way modern businesses operate. Providing high performance, reliable and expandable communication infrastructure, our solutions enhance organizational productivity by leaps and bounds while helping reduce operational costs.

We offer Unified Communication Servers, Hybrid IP-PBXs and Multi-Location systems, all with cutting edge features, including mobility. We stock a comprehensive range of modern Analogue, Digital, IP, Video and Conference Phones, to give our customers, the experience they want.

Built-in cost reduction feature of Least Cost Routing, on all our communication platforms, incorporate the integration of PSTN, SIP/VoIP and GSM, enabling our customers to make the cheapest call, to any part of the world, saving over 50% of their normal monthly telephone bill!!

The pride of our latest offering, the Unified Communication Server (UCS) is engineered on four pillars of Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility to enhance customer convenience, business productivity and reduction in operational costs. With its state of the art interface, built-in real-time features of Video Calling, Email Integration, Presence Sharing and BLF Keys, SGC’s UCS empowers an organization to easily extend its reach to mobile employees. It is designed to overcome geographical, communication device and user-accessibility barriers, with a single communication platform.

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