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SGC Hybrid Communication solution combines IP and Analog, the best of two worlds for optimum utilization of IT infrastructure, providing agility and flexibility to organizations. It is a diversified range of Hybrid IP-PBXs to meet the changing requirements of small to large enterprises. It comprises of advanced telephony features, to ensure cost-saving, investment optimization, asset utilization and increased staff productivity opening doors to newer applications and opportunities.

Furthermore, our built-in cost reduction feature of Least Cost Routing, incorporating the integration of PSTN, SIP/VoIP, GSM, CDMA and Two Way Radio, all on one platform, enables our customers to make the cheapest call, to any part of the world. On average our customers save over 50% of their normal monthly telephone bill!! Enquire from our sales team today on how you can reach your staff in the field at no cost, no matter where they are, increase operational efficiency and optimize productivity.


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Future-Proof Investment

Lower TCO

Higher ROI

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Stay Connected

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