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Unified Communications

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Unified Communications

Today’s dynamic business environment requires smarter communication solution for diversified roles of members of staff. Flexible device usage and round-the-clock connectivity, is the need of the hour for the mobile workforce, in order to have consistent in-office experience while working from home, between appointments or while on the move.

With increasing competition, flexible work places and different working hours, to suite each individual business requirement, this gives rise to the need for more collaborative communication solutions for in-office and mobile workforce. With Collaboration and Mobility as the key aspects of business communications, the term ’Unified Communication’ has been evolved, over the past few years.

At SGC, we offer a solution like no other!! Our Unified Communication Server (UCS) is engineered on four pillars of Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility to enhance customer convenience, business productivity and reduction in operational costs. With its state of the art interface, built-in real-time features of Video Calling, Email Integration, Presence Sharing and BLF Keys, SGC’s UCS empowers an organization to easily extend its reach to the employees. It is designed to overcome geographical, communication device and user-accessibility barriers, with a single platform solution.

Furthermore, our built-in cost reduction feature of Least Cost Routing, incorporating integration of PSTN, SIP/VoIP, GSM and Two Way Radio, all on one platform, enables our customers to make the cheapest call, to any part of the world. On average our customers save over 50% of their normal monthly telephone bill!!


  • Mobility
  • Unified Network
  • Unified User Clients
  • Unified Messaging
  • Call Management Features


  • Streamlined Business Operations
  • Increased Staff Responsiveness to Customers
  • Increased Employee Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Increased Availability to Customers


  • Anytime Connectivity with Customers
  • Customer Assistance whether Inside Office or On-the-Move
  • Assured Communication between Different Locations even in Case of Trunk Failure
  • Increased Visibility of entire Infrastructure from a Central Location
  • Minimum Downtime


  • Identify Calls before Answering
  • Reduced Operator Call Volume
  • Automated Call Treatment
  • No Need of Changing Accustomed Dialing Patterns
  • Increased Employee Productivity and Efficiency
  • Work from Anywhere, Anytime


  • Multi-locational Connectivity
  • Seamless Employee Mobility
  • Universal Connectivity


  • Utilize Existing IT Infrastructure with Existing Telephones
  • Use same Internet Connection for Voice and Data
  • Increased Staff Productivity
  • Smartphone Carrying GSM Number as well as Office Desk Extension


  • No Need of External Devices such as Voice Mail system, Gateway or ATAs
  • Support for Diverse Network Types – Investment Protection
  • Avail Benefits of New-age Networks on a Common Communication Platform
  • Flexible Scalability
  • No Need of Changing Existing VOIP Devices (VOIP Gateways, SIP Server, SIP Phones) and Telephone Instruments


  • Call Cost Saving on each Call
  • Optimum Utilization of Internet Bandwidth – using the same
  • Bandwidth for Voice and Data
  • Customer Satisfaction – Increased Responsiveness
  • Field Upgradable
  • Reduced Travel Charges within Office Premise and between Office and Field Resources
  • No Need of Additional Application for Configuration


  • Reduced Long-distance Telephony Costs through VOIP
  • Free Inter-site VOIP Calling
  • No Need to Invest in New Infrastructure
  • Increased Organizational Efficiency
  • No Need of Separate Administrator for Multiple Locations
Our Solution
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