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The introduction by Standard Global Communications of Fibre optic cables has transformed our customers’ ability to communicate. Data and voice communications are transmitted using light, rather than electrical signals. Switching to fibre optics has given our customers an ultra-fast, highly stable connection, with none of the limitations associated with copper cables.

SGC are specialists in fibre optic networks. Based in Harare, we cover the every corner of Zimbabwe. We design and install a Fiber system that will revolutionise your operation; speeding-up processes and giving you more functionality.


Please call out Technical Support Team today and experience the benefits of Fibre Optics.


If you experiencing bad connections on your network and if your cabling has been in place for a long time, SGC recommends upgrading your cabling network. We design, deploy and repair Voice, Data, Wireless and Wireless cabling thereby enhancing your company’s ability to communicate. Improving communications has many tangible benefits which will save your organisation time and money, while improving working practices and procedures.


Call SGC Technical Support Team today and optimise your business operations, with better communications.

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