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Standard Global Communications Technical Support installs, test, repair and modernise all types of voice cabling. We offer tailored network solutions to enhance the way your organisation communicates, improving your efficiency and productivity.

The Basics

A voice network is the wiring within a property that enables simple telecommunications. This includes land-line telephones, modems, or Analog. It uses voice-grade wiring and jacks to connect lines to local communication systems. Cable is referred to as Category 3 which is the current industry standard, it can also be called Voice Multipair.

Companies with basic infrastructures depend on the voice network cabling as the backbone of their communications systems. However, please note that voice Multipair does not support VoIP systems run via Category 6 and fibre optic cables.

We also offer design and installation of Voice Network upgrades, of your current voice network. This has many benefits; giving you fast communication and improved functionality, using either Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

Standard Global Communications offers FREE surveys throughout Harare. Please contact our Technical Support Team today and book an appointment.

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