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Telephone management software

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High telephones bills are a huge problem for most organisations. In fact, if telephone usage is not kept in check, this can end up being one of the biggest cost for any organisation. It is however easy to effectively manage these telephone costs.

SGC Telephone Management Software (TMS), help effectively manage the telephone costs by reviewing telephone usage through reports generated from the software. This accounting application is capable to create a single, consolidated report of complete outgoing calls, handled by PABX system.

Integrated with robust telecommunication tariff, traffic and cost management, SGC Telephone Management Software, generate the fully-fledged report of all outgoing, local, long-distance and international calls, routed through the PABX system. Detailed SMDR raw data with trunk/extension number, caller/called number, date and time of call, call of type, duration and with the cost of each call, help generate telephone usage report, in a manner that can easily be understood by the telephone administrator.

Continuous evaluation of telephone usage, ensures operational efficiency, effective telephone utilisation and sustained profitability, in any organisation. SGC Telephone Management Software solution helps to manage the telecom expenditure efficiently across any organisation, anywhere, anytime, with its state of the art features.