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Voice logger solution

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In today’s business world, the telephone is king for most businesses communication. With most important conversations, some contractual, being held on the phone, there comes a challenge on how to accurately capture, what has been said, by whom, when and at what time. This is particularly true in the financial services sector, with regards to telephone initiated stock trading.

In addition, there is also a need to record telephone conversations for the purposes of quality assurance in Call Centres, Air Traffic Control and for public safety, thus emergency services, (ambulance, fire, police, security companies, civil protection, etc). Recording of telephone conversations is key, to understand what exactly was said and is mandatory for certain services in some countries. Companies, in general, also want to monitor telephone conversations, to protect their businesses, for disciplinary purposes, confirmation of orders, training of staff, etc.

To capture the exact words spoken, in all the above circumstance, SGC offers the Multi-Channel Voice Logging solution that has the capability to record audio channels, analogue, digital and VoIP telephone lines. This solution can work as a standalone unit or can be connected through the PABX system.